All Colour Supplies carries a large range of dyes, dispersions and pigment colours for the agriculture and mining industries. These can be used for water tracing, mineral deposit identification, remediation works, grain, soil, weed spraying and more.

On gaining accreditation in ISO-9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), Codex HACCP (Good Hygiene Practices and Food Safety Management System) and being a FDA Registered Facility with a scope for manufacturing, coupled with our dedicated team, we are set up for any challenge in the colour manufacturing space. Our professional staff strive to exceed customer expectations from first contact to delivery.

Water Tracing Dyes

We have a range of colours suitable for use in water tracing including fluoresceine, rhodamine and other dyes including some of our food colours. These products will fluoresce under black light for easy identification in difficult to access areas.


We manufacture a wide range of dispersions in various mediums to suit many applications, including dust suppression. All batches are milled ultra-fine due to our unique in-line dispersing bead mill process which was purpose-built and can cater for batches of 80kg to 3000kg.

Identification Colours

We have an extensive range of food colours suitable for grain identification and export agriculture products, as well as powder and liquid dyes to help with identifying different fertilisers and pesticides, dilutions and where spraying has occurred.