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These luminous pigments add a mesmerising shimmer and a multidimensional effect to your cosmetics. View our catalogue for colours, micron sizes and recommended use on eye, lip and general applications.

Cosmetic Colours

With our extensive range, you will find everything you need to colour your cosmetics including High Pure iron oxides, US FDA certified lakes and pigments, water, oil, spirit and wax soluble cosmetic pigments.


Our specially formulated DispersOil® (oil based) and DispersAqua® (water based) made using our high purity lakes, pigments and oxides blend seamlessly and will meet appropriate legislation JECFA, USA, Europe, Japan, China and India, where applicable.

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We believe that our range of Cosmetic Colours and Fragrances can help take your cosmetics to the next level, and we would love to have the opportunity to share them with you and show you what we can do.


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